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Thai Food Facts

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A lot of people love Thai food, and it’s growing in popularity, but there are still some people that have never tried it. So, what is a normal Thai meal have in it?

Noodles: Noodles, such as Pad Thai, are a staple in Thai cuisine. Very flavorful, these might be made from chicken, tofu, or prawns.

Thai food has a lot of curry in it; you might even have more than one dishes with curry in a meal. Curry can be red, yellow-colored, and also green and may be used together or separate. Curry can be used on most anything: poultry, sea food, and even beef. It is also used with tofu and vegetables. This may vary with the area and the type of protein sources they have.

Some Interesting Facts About Thai Food

Vegetables: Vegetables abound in Thai cooking, and you’ll enjoy a stir-fry made with a variety of vegetables and sauces. This is served with jasmine rice on the side; which is deliciously fragrant itself.

On the side you may enjoy a crisp refreshing beverage such as spiced ice tea, lime water, or even an ice cold lager.

Like a number of other Eastern cultures, Thai food is most often served with chopsticks. This was introduced in the country from the Chinese centuries ago. However, it is not the only ‘weapons of choice’ for Thai plates; additionally they use forks and large spoons – just not in the same manner that lots of people are familiar with. The spoon is used to cut meat and larger vegetable rather than a knife, and also is used to scoop up food. The fork is used to push the food onto the spoon.

It’s also notable that Thais won’t use large plated with lots of foods on it. Instead, they’ll sample small quantities of the different foods, one at a time. So you might have a curry with jasmine rice to begin with, then a veggie stir fry, once more with a side of fragrant rice. It ought to be noted that Thais, unlike a lot of cultures in China, use bowls for soup – not as their regular plates.

You discover that there is a large amount of customs that is included with eating Thai food. First of all it’s thought to be bad luck to eat alone. Eating a meal is known as a celebration and really should be shared with other people. Therefore it’s quite common to see large groups of individuals eating together.

There is no such thing as wasted food in the Thai custom either, because discarding food is also bad luck. The Thai ‘god of rice’ – a female deity – may be angered; that could lead to widespread starvation.

Without travelling to Thailand how will you try this wonderful food and enjoy the ways of their culture? Thai restaurants are everywhere, so you’re able to just visit one of them for a meal. If you like it and feel that you want to cook something new you may also try preparing this in your own home.

To do it within true Thai style, gather up your buddies and also loved ones, go in a big group, and sample to your heart’s content – however make sure any kind of leftovers go home a doggy bag!

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